List of Best car radios in 2023.

List of Best car radios in 2023.

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Your Vehicle deserves to have a new look in 2023!  

A car radio is the centerpiece of the car sound system. You want to get the best in terms of features and user-friendliness.

I have compiled a list of the ten best car radios in Kenya as of 2023.

 Here are the factors I have considered when compiling the list; Affordability, smartphone compatibility, Expandability, and customer rating. 

The top three vehicle audio system brands in Kenya are Pioneer, Sony, and JVC Kenwood. The list is on these.

The following is the list of Best car radios in Kenya in 2023 discussed in detail and in no particular order.

1.Sony XAV-9500ES

The Sony XAV-9500ES is arguably the best car radio system available in Kenya in 2023.

This radio delivers a new world of the car entertainment experience on a 10.1″ large & high-quality capacitative screen. It has a Full HD (1280 x 720) screen resolution.

Sony XAV-9500ES is from Sony’s latest line of premium car entertainment products dubbed, the Elevated Standard. Apart from a doorway sized 10.1″ screen display, there are 3 Key Features that set apart the Sony XAV-9500ES from other radio systems in the market.

  • Hires Audio

Enjoy music files in studio quality sound just the way artists intended. Play hi-res audio files through bluetooth without loss of quality. Every sound component from signal to speaker is well united so it feels like the artist is performing right in front of you.

  • Sound Customisation

The high-grade 192 kHz / 32-bit Digital Sound Processor offers pristine sound processing and time alignment – down to a remarkable 1 cm for each of the 6 addressable channels (4 speakers + 2 subwoofers via pre-out). 

 A 14-band EQ lets you adjust the overall sound to your music or taste, and each of the 6 channels features independent 8-band parametric EQ to get optimum performance across different speaker configurations. 

Together with the 3-zone crossover, you can dial in the perfect match of front, rear, and subwoofers.

  • 3 Camera Trigger Inputs You can connect up to 3 safety cameras. By utilizing the supplied trigger wires, each camera image can be switched on and off, or from one to another automatically by detecting the vehicle’s turn signals or sensing compatible signals such as that for a connected front camera. An adjustable parking guide is also available for the reverse gear.

Bonus Features

Sony XAV-9500ES Hi-res car radio system has a

  • USB Type C with 3A fast charge
  • Fully Customizable Icons
  • Quick Wakeup
  • 5V 3 Pre-outs for high-performance external Sound system build.

2. Sony DSX-A110U Car Radio

Sony DSX-A110U is the most affordable car radio on the market today. It is a one din radio with an inbuilt amplifier of 220 watts. 

Sony car radio, DSX-A110U has FM/AM (88 MHz– 108 MHz), USB & AUX Input. This radio does not have Bluetooth & a CD player.

The inbuilt 10-band equalizer enables you to customize the sound to your liking. 

It also has an EXTRA BASS button that reinforces bass lines for deep, punchy bass.

This radio is steering wheel control compatible.

Sony DSX-A110U is an entry-level radio, ideal for you who barely have time to glance at a screen and need basic entertainment.

3. Pioneer DMH-A5450BT

DMH-A5450BT is a digital multimedia receiver with a 6.8″ capacitive screen. This radio has a powerful inbuilt amplifier of 200 watts.

This Pioneer radio gives you the ability to connect your smartphone through Apple car play or android auto, which is fun.

Wireless Android Auto & apple car play allows you to access supported phone applications such as phone books, messages, and maps on the radio without any cables attached!

 It enables you to maintain your focus on the road. Additionally, you can connect two Bluetooth devices simultaneously for audio streaming or hands-free calling.

Pioneer DMH-A5450BT has three 2-volts pre-outs to connect speakers and an external amplifier. It also has a subwoofer output.

It supports an optional backup camera connection to enhance reversing safety & rear monitoring. Built-in adjustable parking guidelines further increase its effectiveness.

Pioneer DMH-A5450BT offers the best audio experience. It has a built-in 13-band equalizer and digital time alignment for sound staging. 

Digital time alignment allows you to delay the closest speakers so that every speaker’s sound reaches your ears at once.

Pioneer DMH-A5450BT has a two-din chassis and easily fits into most vehicle dashboards.

4. Pioneer MVH-S325BT Bluetooth radio.

Pioneer MVH-S325BT is a one-din Digital media receiver with a front USB & Aux Input.   

It has inbuilt Bluetooth that allows you to connect two devices at the same time. With Bluetooth, you can stream music or make & receive calls hands-free.

This radio is compatible with Pioneer smart sync Applications. Pioneer smart sync allows you to access communication, navigation, and music streaming services through your smartphone. MVH-S325BT has a navigation button that when hit, links directly to your phone maps.

Pioneer MVH-S325BT also has Spotify as a dedicated audio source. It offers android music playback and android Spotify control through Bluetooth. Additionally, it also supports iPhone music playback and iPhone Spotify control through USB and Bluetooth.

 If you are a fan of music, you can access millions of songs on the go through the Spotify application.    

5. Kenwood DNX9190SM Navigation Radio.

Best car radio with Inbuilt Navigation, Kenwood DNX9190SM
Navigation on Kenwood DNX9019SM

Kenwood DNX9190SM is a high-end car radio setting pace in the car entertainment market. 

This radio has a 6.8″ high-definition touch display with a 1280* 720 resolution.

 It has a built-in Garmin navigation system which is the industries leading navigation software. 

The Garmin navigation system offers various route display options & does not require an internet connection for access.

DNX9190SM offers an array of exceptional smartphone connectivity options. 

With Apple car play, you can wirelessly connect your compatible ios device to access features such as maps, messenger & phone on the radio. 

Android auto allows you to connect your android device to the radio through an original cable.  

Wireless mirroring for android allows you to cast your entire android phone contents on the radio.

Are you a sound enthusiast? You can listen to high-resolution audio on DNX9190SM. Enjoy crisp sound driven on a 200 watts powerful inbuilt amplifier.

Apart from inbuilt maps & HD audio and video, other unique features of the DNX9190SM are as follows.

  • It supports up to 3 backup cameras; in, front & rear.
  • It’s WI-FI Certified; you can wirelessly connect devices to the radio.
  • It has an HDMI Connection; you can connect your laptop to the radio through an HDMI cable.
  • It has three 5V Pre-out puts; powerful output for excellent subwoofer & amplifier performance.

Owing to its features, Kenwood DNX9190SM is arguably one of the best car radios you can get.

6. Pioneer AVH-Z5250BT DVD Receiver.

Pioneer AVH-Z5250BT is a modern radio that allows you to enjoy the best car entertainment smartphone technology on a 6.8″ touch display.

Connect your smartphone to the radio through Android auto, apple car play, and Bluetooth. Android auto and apple car play connection on AVH-Z5250BT is through a cable.

 Dual Bluetooth allows you to connect two phones simultaneously. This feature is ideal if you have two phones; a work & personal phone.

 The phones are automatically paired and remain connected for calls or audio streaming.

Do you still listen to CDS & DVDs? Make use of the Pioneer AVH-Z5250BT DVD player. 

Reversing can be stressful AVH-Z5250BT has a reverse camera input to connect an optional reverse camera. 

In addition, the Video output option allows you to connect extra headrest screens to keep your passengers entertained.

Pioneer AVH-Z5250BT has three 4-volts pre-out, enough voltage to achieve excellent performance from your external amplifier and subwoofer.

On the Pioneer AVH-Z5250BT, you can choose from various entertainment options; Weblink, USB, FM/AM Tuner & Spotify Connect. 

Spotify Connect is a dedicated audio source on this radio. It allows you to directly control the Spotify app on a connected iPhone (via USB or Bluetooth) or Android device (via Bluetooth).

7.Sony XAV-AX4000

XAV-AX4000 is among Sony’s latest addition of wireless android auto & apple car play radios in Kenya.

The Sony XAV-AX4000 is cutting edge of audio technology. With revolutionary Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connectivity, a crisp LCD display, voice control compatibility, and more, this car radio system is built for today’s driver.

With Bluetooth® connectivity you can stream music and make hands-free calls directly from the BIG 6.2″ touchscreen display & easily control your sound with the intuitive interface.

Enjoy wireless streaming with the latest Android Auto and Apple CarPlay Technology – Enjoy seamless music streaming & hands-free calling even on longer trips – Easily control your sound via Siri or Google Voice Recognition for ultimate convenience – Seamlessly connect to your home network or cellphone hotspot to avoid interruption when traveling through dead zones

8. Kenwood KMM-BT306 Bluetooth receiver.

Kenwood KMM-BT306 is a one-din Bluetooth receiver with USB & AUX input. This radio has multicolor illumination. You can change the radio illumination to match the color of your Dashboard light. 

With built-in Bluetooth, you can connect two phones at a go and enjoy playlist music through the Kenwood music mix. The Kenwood music mix is a feature that allows the pairing of up to 5 devices. 

You can then enjoy audio streaming by switching the devices at the touch of a button. 

The front USB on the Kenwood KMM-BT306 Is powerful and offers a maximum 1.5A quick charge for selected Android phones & a 1.0A charge for iPhones.  

You can also playback audio files from USB devices compressed in various formats; FLAC, WAV, AAC, WMA & MP3.

This radio does not play CDS.

9. Kenwood DDX419BTM DVD Receiver.

Kenwood DDX419BTM is a 6.2″ radio with a DVD Player. This stereo supports two backup cameras; front & rear. In addition, it has inbuilt parking guidelines to work hand in hand with the rear backup camera.

A dual Bluetooth connection on the Kenwood DDX419BTM allows you to stream audio and make hands-free calls.  

This stereo also supports Spotify connectivity which allows you to listen to millions of songs.

Kenwood DDX419BTM has video output that allows you to connect extra screens. It also has three 4-volts pre-outs to connect an external subwoofer and amplifier.

The various color display on the Kenwood DDX419BTM allows you to set the mood by matching your favorite color with the dashboard color.

10. Sony XAV-1500 radio

 This modern radio offers you the best entertainment options on a 6.2″ anti-glare screen. The screen is quick to wake up right after you turn on the ignition.

Sony XAV-1500 has Weblink cast an app delivery service that mirrors your smartphone’s content on the screen. This radio also has inbuilt Bluetooth that supports up to 2 paired devices at a go. You can stream audio or make & receive calls hands-free.

Sony XAV-1500 is rear view camera ready. It means that you can connect an optional backup camera for safe reversing. Unlike other double din units, XAV-1500 has a small & compact rear chassis. The Small rear chassis makes it easy to install and also fits in most vehicles’ Dashboards.

Front USB and AUX Input come with great convenience and ease of use. The front USB port supports various media formats including, MP4. 

Sony XAV-1500 offers in-check sound control options such as;

  • EXTRA BASS button, 
  • 10-band internal equalizer.
  • Dynamic Stage Organiser that helps create virtual speakers on your Dashboard.

If you want to build your sound system, you can add an external Amplifier & subwoofer with the three pre-out provisions.

This car radio does not play DVDs.


Whether you choose a Pioneer, Sony, or JVCKenwood radio, you can derive comfort in knowing that it has a 1-year manufacturer warranty.

It’s also key to make sure that the model you choose is compatible with your dashboard structure.

Which other radio model do you feel I should feature in the above list?

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