Toyota NZE radio system Upgrade/Swap

Toyota NZE radio system Upgrade/Swap

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October 16, 2021 0
Toyota NZE Factory radio

Toyota NZE is one of the most popular cars in Kenya for First-time owners. This car is most people’s first choice owing to budget efficiency, fuel efficiency & cheap maintenance.

However, that’s not my topic of discussion today. I Am here to discuss Toyota NZE radio. Toyota NZE radio system, particularly the 2001-2006 models, has a large non-touch screen.  

Due to the analog nature of this radio, you are not in a position to enjoy reverse camera display, Video playback, USB, and Bluetooth. With the Toyota NZE radio system, you can’t enjoy all the local FM Stations as the FM frequency ranges from 76-90 MHz.

Adding an FM Expander may temporarily help with coverage of Local FM stations.

Can the Toyota NZE Radio be replaced?

Toyota NZE Radio Conversion Kit

Yes! With the aid of a Toyota NZE fascia kit, you can have your desired radio installed. The Toyota NZE Fascia kit is also used in the Toyota Fielder old model, 2001-2006 year of manufacture. This fascia kit goes for about ksh.5,000.

The Toyota NZE fascia kit replaces the Space left after removing the factory radio. The fascia leaves a 7″ by 4″ slot to fit an aftermarket Radio.

Fitting a Single Din Radio

You can have a single Din radio fitted. There is a variety of these to choose from, depending on priority features. 

From Basic FM/AM radio with USB Eg Sony DSX-A110U to a CD player Eg Pioneer DEH-S1150UB to a Bluetooth receiver, Eg Kenwood KMM-BT306.

You can get an own a single din radio from as low as ksh.5,500.

When fitting a single Din radio, a pocket spacer is used together with the Fascia panel.

A pocket spacer goes for ksh.500. You can use the pocket spacer to keep the remote or as a coin box.

Fitting a Double Din radio

Toyota NZE Fitted with Kenwood DPX-5100BT

You can fit a Double Din radio with or without a screen. There are quite a variety of Double din radios you can choose from. 

You could go for a non-touch radio such as Pioneer FH-S525BT, a touch screen radio with USB mirroring such as Sony XAV-1500, or a Navigation radio such as Kenwood DNX9190SM.

You can own a double din radio from as low as ksh.13,500.

Check out our article on car radio types for a better understanding.

When fitting a double din radio, the Toyota NZE fascia panel is all you will need.

That’s it about the Toyota NZE Car radio system. If you need help upgrading, don’t hesitate to contact our Technical team. 

 Kindly share your thoughts in the comment section below & I will be happy to interact with you.

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