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Car Reverse camera with Clear Vision

ksh 2500

Car reverse camera with a wide-angle view, Night Vision & waterproof.

What is a reverse camera in a car?

A reverse camera is a device installed at the rear bumper of your car just below the number plate light & connected to a compatible radio or monitor for display. Also referred to as a backup camera, a reverse camera is essential for safe reversing or parking. Reverse cameras come in different sizes, shapes & modes of Installation.

The most common shapes are Square & round types. In addition, some reverse cameras have led lights that come on when it's dark.

Certain unique reverse cameras are installed by drilling. Unlike other reverse cameras that hang below the number plate light, the drilling type reverse camera is drilled into the bumper & thus impossible to Vandalise.

How does a reverse camera Work?

Do you have a reverse camera connected to your compatible car radio? Then, every time you engage the reverse gear, the reverse camera display will show on the screen. The reverse camera display consists of Green, yellow & red grid lines to indicate how close you are to a still object. The Green zone indicates safe while yellow shows your getting too close to the still object. On the other hand, red signifies the danger of hitting the still object.

How Much Does it cost to install a reverse camera?

Reverse camera installation cost depends on three factors; Camera type, vehicle type & who is installing.

The drilling type reverse camera is involved & thus more complex to install than ordinary reverse cameras.

In addition, some vehicle types have more complex wiring than others and are charged more.

Furthermore, it will cost less for you to buy & have your camera installed by a dealer compared to using two different service providers.

However, holding all factors constant, reverse camera installation will cost between ksh.1000 - ksh.3,500.

Whats in the box

Reverse camera Wiring Harness



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Product Manufacturer Image

Type In-Car Accessories

Brand Others

Type Installation beside number plate light
Wide angle View 170 Degrees
Parking Guidelines Yes
Water proof yes
Night Vision Yes

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