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solar powered car air freshener

ksh 2500

Car air freshener that operates with solar power is different from traditional air fresheners because it utilizes sunlight

Car come in a variety of scents, like lemon, Gulong and Osmanthus. Instead of simple cardboard designs, modern UFO intersect to create distinctive products that add flair to the driving experience.

Select a spot inside your car where the UFO air freshener can receive ample sunlight. This is crucial as the solar panel on the air freshener needs direct sunlight to function effectively. Ideal locations include near dashboard, or flat surfaces, where sunlight can reach the solar panel easily.

The package contains 2 refill bottles and solar panel.

Whats in the box

1. 2*5ml Refill bottles 2. Solar car Air freshener



Shop solar powered car air freshener online from Crystal Car Audio , In-Car Accessories category , and we shall deliver to your preffered location in Kenya & beyond.

Product Manufacturer Image

Type In-Car Accessories

Brand Others

Organic Natural Fragrances extracted from plant essential oil
Convenient No need to charge, it’s solar powered.
Premium It’s made of Space aluminum material that blends well with the car interior

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