4 ways to upgrade your car music system in Kenya. 

4 ways to upgrade your car music system in Kenya. 

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February 4, 2023 0

Upgrading your car’s music system can be a great way to bring more enjoyment to your rides. In Kenya, there are four main options for installing and upgrading your car’s sound system, from simple plug-and-play systems to full re-vamps.

There are four ways you can achieve a car music system upgrade in Kenya.

1. Car Radio Installation.

Nissan Sylphy 2013 Radio Upgrade – 10″ Android Radio

Car Radio installation is the most common form of music system installation. Since most of the vehicles driven in Kenya are from Japan and come with radios in the Japanese language, car owners install an aftermarket car radio system to beat the language barrier.

You may choose to fit a Single Din Radio or Double Din Radio system based on your needs.

2. Car Door Speakers Installation.

Subaru XV 2014 Door Speakers Upgrade

Car Door Speakers upgrade is also a common form of Music system installation in Kenya. 

If you need to improve your music system, the fast and most affordable option is to upgrade your Door Speakers.

There are three main reasons a car owner may choose to upgrade car door speakers.

  • The door Speakers are missing. Some vehicles come from the manufacturer without Door Speakers.
  •  The door Speakers wear out. When speakers rattle at high volume, they are worn out and need a replacement.
  • Achieve Better Sound Quality. Factory speakers are most often subpar when it comes to sound quality. You can achieve a fantastic sound quality with high-quality aftermarket speakers.

3. Subwoofer Installation

Kenwood PA-W801B Powered Subwoofer

Would you like to enjoy lows on your ride? Go for the Car Subwoofer Installation. There are two ways to achieve bass in your car.

  • Install a Powered Subwoofer.

Powered subwoofers are bass Speakers with a class D inbuilt amplifier. Also referred to as Enclosed subwoofers, powered subwoofers come in an enclosure box tuned by the manufacturer.  

It’s important to note that not all Enclosed Subwoofers are powered subwoofers.

The most common types of Powered subwoofers are Underseat subwoofers. Underseat subwoofers are suitable for small cars. As the name suggests, under-seat subwoofers are fitted under the seat, saving boot space.

An Underseat subwoofer produces cool bass heard within the car. 

Here are some of the most popular powered Subwoofers :

  • Install a boot Bass Speaker.

A boot subwoofer or bass speaker is louder than an Underseat subwoofer. It requires an amplifier or booster to power it for maximum performance. 

The Boot subwoofer setup arrangement is powerful and gives you more control over the music system.

Other items required during the boot subwoofer installation setup include ;

  • A housing Cabinet for the bass Speaker 
  • An Equalizer example Boschmann EQX-75PRO  – Gives you control over the Music system setup; tweeters, door speakers & bass speaker.
  • Tweeters – They produce high-frequency sound example Pioneer TS-A300TW

The boot Speaker is powerful and is capable of shaking down your window & car doors at Full volume.

4. Full Music System Installation

A full Music system upgrade referred to as a complete music system upgrade is a sum of the first three categories of car music system installation.

It consists of the following : 

  • Car Radio system upgrade 
  • Car Door speakers upgrade 
  • Subwoofer Installation.

Do you need to do a complete car music system upgrade? Make sure you have 

  • Ample time – A complete system upgrade could take a day to 3 days depending on the setup complexity & vehicle type.
  • Adequate Budget – Great things come at a price. You need an out-of-this-world kind of setup, be loaded!

In my line of duty, we also do a radio & speakers installation or Radio & subwoofer installation.

Car music system installation is an art that comes with the satisfaction of trying out new things and changing game rules.

So which category of car music installation service would you like to have?

Crystal Car Audio is always ready to take you through and offer quality products & professional service in the comfort of your home.

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