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Boschmann Equalizer EQX-75PRO

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Boschmann Equalizer EQX-75PRO is a sound controller consisting of 7 audio band frequency knobs to adjust every tune to your liking.

Boschmann EQX-75PRO Is a proffesional parametric 7 band Equalizer used to control sound output in an audio setup.

Bochmann Audio Equalizer features 7 front panel controls namely ;

Gain Control - Use to adjust the sound output level .

Fader Control - Adjust Volume between the front and rear speakers in a four speaker system.

Input Selector - Use to switch between AUX and Radio input

Backmination Switch - Selects the led light either Red or Green.

Level Switch - Control Subwoofer Level

Sub Frequency - Adjust subwoofer frequency from 30Hz to 120Hz

Parametric Equalizer Controls - Control the frequency response of the boost or cut with the 7 band controls ; 50HZ,125HZ, 315Hz, 750Hz, 2.2kHZ, 6KHZ,12KHz

Whats in the box

Boschmann EQX-75PRO User Manual



Shop Boschmann Equalizer EQX-75PRO online from Crystal Car Audio , Equalizers category , BOSCHMANN brand and we shall deliver to your preffered location in Kenya & beyond.

Product Manufacturer Image

Type Equalizers


7 Band Parametric 50Hz, 125Hz, 315Hz, 750Hz, 2.2KHz, 6KHz, 12KHz
Boost/Cut 18db
Bandwidth Specific to each band hi-shelving
S/N Ratio 110db Ref 1V Input
Frequency Response 10Hz-50KHz, +/-1db
Max Output Voltage 9.75VRMS
T.T.D 0.05%
Input Sensitivity Adjustable 200mV-3.5V RMS
Headroom 20db
Input Impedance 20k ohms
Stereo Separation 80dB/1KHz
Operating Voltage 11-15V Negative Ground
Output Impedance 1K Ohms
Subwoofer Frequency 30Hz-120Hz

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